How we produce doors?

Our company uses a variety of innovative techniques to build the best doors. And while there are a number of ways to build a stile and rail wood door, Eldorado believes in the enduring quality of a door with engineered stiles. What does that mean? It means your door's stile components, the longest components in the door, are made of multiple pieces of wood rather than a single piece of wood. This adds strength and long-lasting quality while looking exactly as if they were constructed from a single piece of wood.

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2015 INTERZUM Fair

We are very pleased to meet almosts all our partners at one of the most important appointments dedicated to interior doors production and all the most interesting trends in the sector: INTERZUM, which held in Cologne, in Germany, from 5th to 8th May 2015.
Eldorado product family have been presented at the international Interzum fair in Cologne 5-8 May, 2015 to the clients all over Europe: Italy, Slovenia,Estonia,Germany, Belgium and France.